“People should know that the amount of student voice used/taken into consideration at TMHS is amazing.”

Taylor Ware

Super Seniors, Tourtellotte Memorial High School

Taylor Ware

College: University of Connecticut
Major: Secondary Education in Mathematics

Who was your favorite teacher or administrator during your time at TMHS? What subject did they teach? What made her or him special?

My favorite teacher is the invaluable Ms. Diane Murray. She is the foods/independent living teacher here at TMHS. There is no other person I know who is happier than Ms. Murray. Being in her class is without a doubt my favorite time of the day and I cannot help but be happy when with her. As she is (unfairly) isolated in the bottom level of the school and often forgotten, once you meet Ms. Murray, there is no way you can forget her infectious positive attitude and her cute sayings like, “Tough teddy bears.” She does everything she can to make her students happy and is probably one of the sweetest, strongest (she’s been in a cast on and off for forever…still has a smile), and selfless people I know.

What is something about TMHS that people might not know, but should?

Something people do not know about TMHS that they should know is that the amount of student voice used/taken into consideration is amazing. Most of the changes or new installations like Tiger Shoutouts, Teacher Recognition Awards, and 8th Grade Panels were designed by students. Students are constantly involved in improving the school and I think more people should be aware of this.

What advice would you give to next year’s ninth grade students coming to TMHS?

The advice I would give to next year’s ninth graders is take advantage of all the wonderful things Tourtellotte has to offer. We offer year round sports, college courses, multiple clubs, events, and so much more. Do not be afraid to dip your feet little by little into the Tourtellotte tide because chances are, it’ll suck you in eventually anyways.

Taylor’s teachers say…

Taylor has been class president for all four years of high school. She is on National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Student Council, and the Leadership Team. Taylor is a fantastic student. She maintains impeccable grades and has an outstanding work ethic. She exhibits maturity, responsibility, and integrity. The Tourtellotte community has been so fortunate to have her as such a vital member of the school family for the last four years, and we all know she has the potential for great future success in college and beyond.