MRFES Unified Arts

The main goals of the MRFES unified arts are to build an appreciation for the arts and to help students develop abilities and skills in a variety of disciplines.

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Symphony Math Symphony Math is an adaptive instructional tool that helps students understand math at a conceptual level. The program uses onscreen manipulatives, word problems and fluency practice in an engaging environment to provide in-depth development of foundational math concepts.


study_islandUtilized by over 23,000 school systems in both the United States and Canada, Study Island is a web-based learning platform that helps K-12 students master federal and state academic standards. Through the use of a multitude of educational tools and techniques, it provides students with self-driven programs designed to make rigorous learning “fun, engaging, accessible, and affordable”.
Lexia Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the six areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Designed specifically to meet the Common Core and the most rigorous state standards, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.





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Students are introduced to a variety of different media and techniques to explore artistic expression and discipline with Mrs. Erica Connolly.

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Mrs. Lynne Glode teaches across various medias using school resources (including the library).
Mrs. Carol Rossetti introduces musical concepts and teaches appreciation for a variety of music and cultures.

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Mrs. Erin Longino

My curriculum will offer a wide array of different activities to promote skill and cognitive development, cooperation and success.  I also strive to integrate other valuable core subjects into my lessons to reach varying interests and promote further practice.

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