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Congratulations Super Seniors!

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Every year, Tourtellotte Memorial High School produces adventurous, amazingly talented, and intelligent graduates. Some are headed out into the workforce, some are joining the military, and some are headed to college or technical school. Every one is unique and special.

High school life at TMHS is not just about good grades, great athletic achievements, or artistic accomplishments. It’s also about epitomizing what we at TMHS call “Tiger Pride”: Demonstrating leadership when no one else is watching and making quiet contributions toward classmates. And sometimes, it’s just about the way students go about their day, in their own way, every day for the past four years. In short, it’s about Academic Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, and Success.

Every member of the Class of 2017 has a story to tell about their last four years, advice to give incoming freshmen, a shout out to give to a teacher who inspired them, and a plan for future success in life. Here are a few such stories from our graduates.

TMHS Awards and Scholarships Night

Tourtellotte Memorial High School

2017 Special Awards

Harvard Book Award – Jordon Sroczenski; Rensselaer Medal – Sidney Ratliff; Bausch & Lomb Science Award University of Rochester – Jordon Sroczenski; Fredrick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award – Justyna Gil; George Eastman – Julia Annese; Xerox Award – Max Morin; CT. Society of CPA’S Outstanding Accounting Student – Evan Ware; Telegram & Gazette – Taylor Ware; Congressional Certificate Of Merit – Jen Vear & Jake Sullivan; Sarah Williams Danielson Chapter National Society of Daughters of The American Revolution – DAR – Jordon Sroczenski; CT Secretary of State Award – Emily Vincent; Governor’s Scholar Outstanding Achievement Award – CAS – Olivia Antonson

2017 Scholarships

Town of Thompson Scholarship – Danica Seney, Sylvia Valade Scholarship – Sara Watson, William H. Delmonico Memorial Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Thompson Lions Club Scholarship – Kaylin Shippee, Kevin Valade Memorial Scholarship – Karista Brissette, John Flood Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Ware, James Naum Memorial Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Chief Joseph Donovan, Sr. Memorial Scholarship – Sara Watson, TMHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Kimberly Ann Gagne Memorial Scholarship – Haley Fettig & Kaylin Shippee, Faucher Foundation Scholarship – Taylor Ware & Emma Fahey, Mary R. Fisher Elementary School PTO Scholarships – Taylor Ware, Mary Donnelly Fisher and Dr. William T. Fisher Memorial Scholarship – Jennifer Vear, Robbins Family Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Putnam Rotary Scholarship – Taylor Ware & Emma Fahey, Frederick J. Witkowski Memorial Scholarship – Danica Seney, Thompson Little League Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Evan Ware, Leah Jackson & Michael Falco, Salvatore Navarro Memorial Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Carl D. Eccleston Memorial Scholarship – Stephanie Prouty, Theodore L. Fatsi Memorial Scholarship – Sophia Prouty, Michael Naum Engineering Scholarship – Jake Sullivan, James Naum Scholar-Athlete Scholarship – Emily Vincent, Thompson Memorial Post 10088 VFW and Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship – Taylor Ware, Charles Cournoyer Memorial Scholarship – Kaylin Shippee, Debra B. Suich Spirit Memorial Scholarship – Michael Falco, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Scholarship – Haley Fettig, Evan Ware & Taylor Ware, Thompson Education Association (TEA) Scholarship – Haley Fettig & Taylor Ware, Tourtellotte Alumni-Leadership Scholarship – Sophia Prouty, Dane Picard Memorial Scholarship – Jennifer Vear

 Class of 2017

Valedictorian Honor – Taylor Ware

Salutatorian Honor – Jake Sullivan

2017 Academic Achievement

Art – Jordon Sroczenski, Business – Kendra Annis, Outstanding Junior Achievement – Sophia Prouty, Freshman English – Jonathon Bickelhaupt, Sophomore English – Halladay Glode, Family & Consumer Sciences – Christopher McClure, Freshman Math – Nima Sherpa, Sophomore Math – Brian Beresik, Music Vocalist – Noelle Julian, Music Instrumentalist – Simon Silvia, Freshman Social Studies – Nima Sherpa, Sophomore Social Studies – Christopher McClure, Junior Social Studies – Jordon Sroczenski, Freshman Science – Nima Sherpa, Sophomore Science – Rori Johnson, Technology – Angelique Zola, Physical Education – Alyzeah Rocha, World Language ~ Spanish – Julia Annese

2017 Cords of Distinction

These cords were awarded using the criteria of a 90% or better in a subject area for all 4 years of high school.

Victoria Babcock – English, Science, Social Studies, Math, World Language; Sarrah Bernier – Fine Arts; Eric Borski – Physical Education; Karista Brissette – Fine Arts, Career Technical Education; Emma Fahey – English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Fine Arts, World Language; Michael Falco – Fine Arts; Haley Fettig – English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Fine Arts, Career Technical Education, Business, World Language; Brianna Hudon – Fine Arts, Career Technical Education; Leah Jackson – Social Studies, World Language; Noelle Julian – Fine Arts; Joseph Julian – Fine Arts; Mia Krysa – Career Technical Education, World Language; Hailie Lemieux – Fine Arts, Career Technical Education; Irvin Mclaughlin – Physical Education; Sophia Prouty – English, Social Studies, Career Technical Education; Stephanie Prouty – Fine Arts, Career Technical Education, World Language; Christian Renaud – Career Technical Education; Danica Seney – Fine Arts, Career Technical Education; Jake Sullivan – English, Science, Social Studies, Math; Cody Trudeau – Fine Arts; Jennifer Vear – English, Science, Social Studies, Math, World Language, Physical Education; Emily Vincent – Science, Fine Arts, World Language; Evan Ware – Math, Fine Arts, Career Technical Education, Business, Physical Education; Taylor Ware – English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Fine Arts, Career Technical Education, World Language; Sara Watson – Fine Arts 

NJHS New Members

Congratulations to the following TMS students who were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at the NJHS Induction Ceremony held on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 in the Thompson Public Schools Auditorium:

 Grade 7:  Zeynep Acun, Alivia Dalpe, Leah Demers, James DiNoia, Brooke Fettig, Olivia Lubomirski, Rhiannon Martin, Michael Merrill, Kiera O’Brien, Keiran Olewnik, Katherin Poirier, Zaria Pokropaowicz, Alyssa Rice, Kylee Smith, Anthony Vajcovec; Grade 8:  Dedrick Baublitz, Braden Cutler

TMS High Honors for 3 Quarters 2016-2017

Congratulations to the following students for achieving high honors for the first 3 Quarters of the 2016 – 2017 school year.

Grade 5 – Kaylee Beck

Grade 6 – Logan Gagnon, Benjamin McGarry, Alexander Nachtigall, Angela Newell,  Matthew Siegmund

Grade 7 – Alivia Dalpe, Leah Demers, Brooke Fettig, Rhiannon Martin, Kiera O’Brien

Grade 8 – Alexis Elkinson, Makayla Tackson