Congratulations Super Seniors!

Click here to view their profiles…Congratulations Super Seniors!

Every year, Tourtellotte Memorial High School produces adventurous, amazingly talented, and intelligent graduates. Some are headed out into the workforce, some are joining the military, and some are headed to college or technical school. Every one is unique and special.

High school life at TMHS is not just about good grades, great athletic achievements, or artistic accomplishments. It’s also about epitomizing what we at TMHS call “Tiger Pride”: Demonstrating leadership when no one else is watching and making quiet contributions toward classmates. And sometimes, it’s just about the way students go about their day, in their own way, every day for the past four years. In short, it’s about Academic Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, and Success.

Every member of the Class of 2017 has a story to tell about their last four years, advice to give incoming freshmen, a shout out to give to a teacher who inspired them, and a plan for future success in life. Here are a few such stories from our graduates.

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