TMHS Student Spotlight for March

Tourtellotte Memorial High School Student Spotlight for the Month of March

This year, Tourtellotte Memorial High School has begun a new recognition program called the TMHS Student Spotlight of the month. Each month, a TMHS student will be recognized for outstanding achievement, character, leadership, attitude, and/or contributions to the school and community. March’s Student Spotlight honoree is senior Anne Nyland.  Anne contributes to her community in a number of significant ways.  A member of the Cross-Country and Track teams, Anne was also the captain of both teams.  Of the experience, Anne says, “It was my goal to be the best I could be. I wanted to be a good example to my teammates by pushing myself and making sure they were always ready to run with good vibes.”

Another important way that Anne has contributed to her community is through her work with TMHS’s annual Homelessness Awareness event.  Anne says, “Over the last four years, I have been very involved with the homelessness awareness event that occurs annually for TEEG. I believe that homelessness is a major issue in our communities and I wanted to help. I raised over $2,000 for this event by walking door-to-door, asking people of our community to contribute to this cause. This was an eye-opening experience.”  Anne continues to contribute by volunteering at TEEG’s food pantry and at her church.

Anne was nominated for the Spotlight honor by junior Jordon Sroczenski.   In her nomination, Jordon writes, “Anne has the greatest work ethic and attitude of anyone I know.  No matter what she is struggling with personally, Anne is determined and is always smiling.  She is serious and dedicated to anything she does and always looks for a silver lining—whether that be in people or a tough situation.  Running is said to be so individual, but Anne truly makes every team she’s a part of feel like a family.  She has inspired me and so many others and that is invaluable.”   Anne’s long-term plans include continuing her education at Worcester State University and eventually becoming a nutritionist.  When asked what her message is to her school community, Anne says, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you believe in something, go for it. Never let others bring you down and you will be golden. Always spread good vibes.”

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