TMHS’s Leadership Team


The  Leadership Team consists of students that have shown leadership potential or hold leadership positions in the school.  As part of the Leadership Team, students participate in leadership, communication, and team-building field trips, activities, and workshops.  Members then use their training to lead Tourtellotte’s clubs and organizations, school-wide initiatives, and productive classroom experiences.  Members of the team learn valuable life skills that will encourage the leading of Tourtellotte students in a positive direction.  In this way, members of the Leadership Team are also prepared to continue to take on leadership roles beyond high school.

A major subcommittee of the TMHS Leadership Team is the Student Council.  The Student Council consists of all class officers.  The Student Council meets bi-weekly with administration to discuss student views and recommendations on school issues.  The administration and faculty then takes student views into consideration when making decisions for Tourtellotte.

In 2016 members of the Student Leadership Team also became members of the Promotion Committee, a formerly faculty-only committee.  They have given their voice to the new student recognition programs, The TMHS Student Spotlight and Tiger Shout-outs.  These students were also involved in the revision of the TMHS behavioral expectations.

Major roles of the Student Leadership Team include planning spirit events and conducting service activities.  Some of its major spirit activities include planning pep rallies, spirit weeks, and the Homecoming Dance.  The TMHS Student leadership Team serves the community through its “Trick or Treat for Canned Goods” and “Tags for Tots and Teens” during the holidays, as well as a blood drive for the American Red Cross.  The TMHS Student Leadership Team is actively engaged in the support of many other causes within the school and the community and seeks members dedicated to school improvement.

Some of the other major events that the Leadership Team has not only helped plan but also facilitate are the 8th Grade Panel Discussion (6/16), Freshmen Orientation Day (8/16), and the TMHS Promotion Assembly (9/16).  Representatives from the Leadership Team also participated in Thompson Community Day.

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