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The TMS bands and choruses performed their final concerts of the year last week. The 5th and 6th grades had a concert on June 1st followed by the 7th and 8th grade concert on June 2nd. The students did a tremendous job and many parents commented on how much improvement the ensembles have made since our Winter Concert!

The 5th grade band was the first group to perform and several students were featured as a solo. The musical selections showcased their new skills and increased musical independence. The final selection, “Beethoven’s Ninth,” featured the ‘Ode to Joy’ melody and was a student favorite. This piece was 42 measures long and offered many new challenges for our young musicians. You could see the pride on their faces when the song ended, knowing they played such a difficult song. The 6th grade band was not to be outdone and performed with precision and attention to detail. The first selection, “Procession of Heroes,” was a majestic fanfare to honor those that gave their life fighting for our country. The students enjoyed the “Midnight Suite,” which was three short songs played in succession. Our final number was “Rio Bravo” and introduced students to the sounds and rhythms of Latin music. The combined 5th and 6th grade chorus was the last group to perform and featured 48 students singing in two-part harmony. Their passion for music was evident right from the start of their opening selection “Casey Jones.” Our final selection, “Let Music Live,” showcased the talents of three 5th graders and three 6th graders, who sang a beautiful unison melody together.

The 7th and 8th grade band started the concert on June 2nd with the toe-tapping “School Spirit March.” The clarinet section, which is the largest section of the band with 10 members, was featured in an arrangement of “Jupiter” which was originally composed for the orchestra in 1914 by Gustav Holst. The ensemble concluded with “The Tempest,” one of our most challenging pieces in years. The music was written to depict a storm at sea and was inspired by the Shakespearean play of the same name. The students had been working on this music since the middle of March and their hard work paid off at the concert! The 7th and 8th grade chorus sang with such a full and unified sound. The 39 member group has many talented students that were featured as a soloist or duet. Selections included “The Water is Wide,” “Over the Rainbow,” and “Battle of Jericho.” The 7th grade chorus members were featured on the challenging rhythmic song “Lightning.” The 8th grade chorus performed their first jazz style composition with “Route 66.” For the closing number both grades combined to sing the Lady Antebellum song “I Was Here.” The song’s message of leaving your mark in this world by making positive changes and being yourself, was especially relevant for graduating 8th graders.

The 139 young musicians that performed at these concerts did an incredible job and should be commended.

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