National Junior Honor Society Ceremony Induction




The following Thompson Middle School students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on Thursday, May 19th, 2016, in the District Auditorium during the NJHS Induction Ceremony

New Members:                                                 Current Members:

Elizabeth Gates                                                Emily Angelo

Lindsey Worster                                              Channing Boss

Kaitlyn Lamontagne                                       Caroline Gagnon

Gracen VanderSwaagh                                   Robert Gatzke

Kaylee Tackson                                               Jack Merrill

Lindsey Houghton                                         Mary Monaghan

Alexis Elkinson                                              Ashley Morin

Avery Zanauskas                                           Jonas Poirier

John Steglitz                                                  Niamh Raftery

Leah Groh                                                      Nima Sherpa

Kaylee Beaudreau                                        Alex Stawiecki

Cole Coderre                                                 Isabella Vajcovec

Hannah Siegmund                                      Molly Walsh

Alyssa Leveille

Lance Groh

Makayla Tackson


This year, our goal was create opportunities to bring the TMS community together. To reach this goal we organized a canned food drive to help TEEG fill their pantry which provides Thanksgiving meals to local people in need. We ran a toy drive with the Department of Children and Families to collect and distribute new toys for the Christmas season, and participated with TEEG to do the same for senior citizens in our area.  We helped to set up for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Thompson Dam.

We also wanted to help out our school and its student body by making the year a better experience for every student and teacher. So, we volunteered for many school events. For example, we helped serve refreshments at our school’s Open House. We worked with Mrs. Godzik, the media center specialist, to restructure the school library, and hosted a Kids’ Afternoon Out. During the year we assisted teachers during parent/ teacher conferences in time management and ran a Valentine’s Day Carnation Sale. We adopted a trail in Thompson and are responsible for cleaning up the area to keep our community clean.

This year our focus wasn’t on raising money, it was about helping out Thompson and its citizens in any way we could. The NJHS volunteered numerous hours to accomplish this goal. We are proud of what we have done this year as a group and how much we have helped out the community.

Laura A. Stefanski
Grade 7 ELA
National Junior Honor Society Advisor
Thompson Middle School

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