Zeynep Acun is Thompson’s winner in Senator Mae Flexer’s 2016 Essay Contest

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Zeynep Acun is Thompson’s winner in Senator Mae Flexer’s 2016 Essay Contest

THOMPSON – Sixth Grader Zeynep Acun is this year’s school-wide winner of State Senator Mae Flexer’s 2016 Essay Contest.

Zeynep, a student in Mrs. Groh’s English Language Arts class at Thompson Middle School, took part in an essay contest titled, “What I Love About My Community.”

One winning student from each school in Senator Flexer’s district will be honored at a small ceremony in June at the state capitol in Hartford.

Zeynep’s essay talked about how culturally accepting the people in Thompson are.

She wrote about how she feels safe in her neighborhood and she also wrote about how nice the teachers, staff and other students at Thompson Middle School have always been.

Zeynep’s mother, who is from Turkey, was an exchange student at TMHS for one year from 1990-1991. but then decided to return to Thompson, CT to raise Zeynep.

“It is exciting to see Zeynep have the same love for Thompson as her mother,” said Mrs. Groh. “For Zeynep to win this essay contest is very exciting for all of us. Congratulations to all the students that took part in the contest!”

Here is her essay:


What I love About my Community

By Zeynep Acun

                There are many things I love about my community like how culturally accepting the people are, how safe our neighborhoods are, and how many great people there are to be friends with. There are many things I love about Thompson, Connecticut.

I came to the United States January of 2008. I was just about four years old. Soon after I started school, I will never forget that day. I just waited as my new classmates stared at me asking friendly questions. Later on I realized that all my teachers and fellow classmates accepted me even if I didn’t know English they figured that I would  learn, even if I was from a different country.

When I first came to Thompson I found out that this was a rural area of Connecticut was a whole lot different than the high speed city. As I went on I realized that my new community was safe and so many good people surrounded me. The day I moved into my new house all my neighbors came and welcomed my family and me. Many of the communities in Thompson consist of kind hearted people.

When I started school I was petrified. My opinion soon changed, I made very good friends my first day of school. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make friends. As I went on to other grades I made new friends. Many of the people I became friends are still my friends to this day.

In conclusion my community has helped me get through many difficulties. A community is a huge factor in someone’s life. Learn to love your community because I love mine.


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  1. As neighbors and “family”, we are very proud of Zeynep. She has grown in so many ways. A young adult who overcame the challenges of a new world, new language, new school and, new foods. She is so mature at her age, and reading her essay, you know how proud and happy she is with the Thompson schools and the friends she made, her teachers and school subjects. We congratulate Zeynep and the honor she received.


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