Author Visits Thompson Midde School

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On Thursday, March 31, 2016, the fifth grade was treated to a visit from author Tamra Wight.  Mrs. Wight spoke to the students about her book series Cooper and Packrat.  She talked about how she gets her inspiration for her stories and then uses details and descriptions to create a picture for her readers.  She showed the students many wildlife pictures and how she used them in her stories.

The students enjoyed participating in a descriptive writing activity using adjectives. Tamra had a fishing vest with many pockets.  Students were chosen to put the vest on and pick a pocket.  The other students in the group then had to describe the object to the student without using the name.  This was a very enjoyable activity and one that many of the teachers will be using again.

Students can find copies of Tamra’s books in our middle school library.