Tourtellotte’s Night of Talents, Fall 2015

Tourtellotte’s Night of Talents, Fall 2015

On November 21st Tourtellotte’s Night of Talent returned to TMHS. Under the
guidance of music director Kate Anderson along with hosts Mariah Beausoleil,
Grace Denault, & Abby Poirier, the audience was taken out for a night on the town
in New York City! The show began with a beautiful rendition of the National
Anthem by Emily Dunn, Elizabeth Silvia, Elizabeth Jourdan, and Abby Poirier. As
act one got under way we were taken to the movies, the dance hall, and a
nightclub. Mr. Pisaturo even made a special appearance! The singing and dancing
were spectacular and the audience was delivered to intermission with a energized
drum battle.
In the second act, a magician led us off with an exciting act followed by a
huge variety of singing and dancing acts. Mr. Pisaturo gave a touching
speech and then sang his last number for the TNT audience, “My Way”. At
the end of the night Mrs. Anderson was surprised by a thank you video
that included all the students involved with TNT sharing their gratitude
for being part of the show!
This years TNT was one of the best attended in the history of the event.
The almost two thousand dollars raised will directly help students in the
music department go to Broadway in the spring. TNT remains one of the
biggest events at Tourtellotte! Way to go all that were involved!!!

Mrs. Kate Anderson

TMHS Music Director/Educator

TNT_2015 cover

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All of the images were courtesy of Prestige Portraits.