6th Grade Field Trip – Fort Hill Farms

On October 21, 2015, our 6th graders at Thompson Middle School went on a field trip to a local family owned farm in Thompson called Fort Hill Farms. Every year the farm creates an agricultural adventure with their corn maze with a different theme. The 2015 Corn Maze Adventure at Fort Hill Farms celebrated this year with a celestial theme and created a “Milky Way” themed maze. This tied in nicely with the unit our 6th graders were learning about in science. Our unit in class included learning about the galaxy, solar system and the Milky Way.  As the students entered the maze, they were given a game sheet and had to search for clues among the corn stalks to complete their sheet. Working closely with the owner Mrs. Orr, we were also able to have an astronomer volunteer to join our class at the farm and give a 40 minute hands-on lesson to our 6th graders. This was such a great added educational experience for them.

We were able to wrap up our visit with lunch at the farm and purchase their locally made Farmer’s Cow ice cream if we chose. It was a great day for our 6th graders filled with many memories and learning adventures.

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