It’s all about Tiger Pride at Thompson Middle School

It’s all about Tiger Pride at Thompson Middle School

It’s all about Tiger Pride at Thompson Middle School

Thompson Middle School kicked off the start of a new school year with a whole new attitude: “Tiger Pride”.

Under the guidance of new Principal Tina Chahanovich, and new Vice Principal Mr. Laurence Prentiss, the entire TMS community came together at the start of the year for a kick off assembly to acquaint everyone with new staff, introduce a new and exciting positive behavior program, and kick off an exciting project throughout the building focused on “Tiger Pride”.

The entire Thompson Public Schools district has taken on the new PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports) program.  The program is designed to encourage students to take ownership of their behavior and become positive role-models for their peers. This program outlines clear expectations that will help to promote learning, boost confidence, stimulate safety awareness, and increase the overall pride students have for their school. Students who demonstrate these exemplary behaviors can earn raffle tickets for special drawings throughout the year.

Starting the year off in a positive and exciting way was very important to the faculty at TMS, school officials explained.  Home room teachers, along with students, started the year with a challenge to showcase Tiger Pride through a collaborative project.  Classrooms created unique and inspiring art that is currently displayed on each homeroom’s door to show just what being a TMS Tiger means to them and what Tiger Pride is all about.

“The kids had fun working with their classmates while getting reacquainted after the long summer,” Ms. Chahanovich said. “This project gave the students a sense of their classroom expectations in a fun and creative atmosphere. Overall, the experience was exciting and the kids were enthusiastic. Students were engaged in the assembly’s content, and responded eagerly to the challenges put forth to them by their faculty. Everyone here at Thompson Middle School is looking forward to an outstanding year!”

Superintendent Michael Jolin said he is thrilled with the positive energy found in the middle school.

“They’re off to a great start,” he said. “It’s exciting to see such camaraderie among teachers and students.”

Tiger Pride

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